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Mike Perry

Mike Perry, a long time auxiliary services leader in SUNY, is retiring! Hired at Canton in 1976 as Director of the Campus Store then promoted in 1983 to College Association Executive Director, Mike’s tenure also included several campus leadership interim roles in Student Activities, Admissions, Residence Life, Athletics fundraising, and a wide array of planning Canton capital projects. Mike had a national impact on auxiliary services as well, having been elected President of NACAS East in 1991, serving as a Director on NACAS Board from 1991-1994, then elected NACAS President in 1996-97. Mike, a superb conversational story-teller, was always capturing the attention of his audience. He was the person that you always wanted to stay within earshot of… to both learn from, and to have much fun with. We wish him and his family a most healthy and happy retirement!

July 2016

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