SUNY ASCs serve their campus communities through a wide array of enterprise operations and direct services based on local campus needs and opportunities. SUNY’s ASCs derive most of their revenue from services such as dining services, campus store operations, convenience stores, laundry services, and food and beverage vending programs.

A scan of ASC operations around the state also reveals other less-common entrepreneurial ventures such as telecommunications services, student health insurance, computer shops, photocopy services, check cashing, campus ID and related card services, campus transportation, and retail storage services. Several ASCs also provide facilities and services for conferencing, parking, off-campus student housing, and off-campus outdoor education and recreation facilities. Most ASCs fulfill their local campus service commitments through a combination of self-operated and subcontracted operations. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with directly-run operations versus sub-contracted operations. Each campus utilizes the delivery mode that best suits the individual campus needs. One notable advantage of providing services through the ASC is that the campus maintains the ability to more rapidly change between the two delivery models.