April 2013

Controllers Conference Call Minutes-4/10/13
In Attendance :   Ralph Eisenmann (Brockport), Randy Simmons (Albany), Lisa Nolan (Morrisville), Chrissy Gardner (Morrisville), Sue Obergefell (Oneonta), Donna Bardeen (Geneseo)
1)    Discussed abandoned funds:
          Of the attendees only Oneonta has sent funds to NYS
2)   Discussed  Inventories and  its controls related to Campus Bookstores:
         Only Morrisville was self operated
3)  Ralph gave us an update on the US Bank Contour Card process.
4)  Asked what accounting software’s are currently being used:
       Brockport and Geneseo use Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Oneonta uses Sage Pro ERP,
       Morrisville and Albany use Sage Mas 90