December 2012

Conference Call Meeting 12/5/12 for Controllers Group

In Attendance : Kristen Baxter (Delhi), Joseph Poppa (Stony Brook), Ralph Eisenmann (Brockport), Randy Simmons (Albany), Noreen Bouchard (Potsdam), Matt Snyder (Fredonia), Lisa Nolan (Morrisville), Rose Cook (Alfred), Chip Orcutt (Univ Buffalo), Sharon Bonney (Oswego), Pam Connor (Geneseo) , Donna Bardeen (Geneseo)

1) Q: Taxable Campus debit accounts and how they are handled related to remaining funds and the NYS abandoned laws.
A: Write letters to graduating students to remind to request to close accts.
Send any remaining balances to the suny billing office to apply a credit to their acct.
Balances need to be 3 years old to be considered abandoned.

2) Q: Meal Plan with the interpretation of tax law-using tax exempt declining dollars at convenience store/food court locations.
for purchases of taxable items.
A: 1 Auxiliary has a letter stating that it is ok to sell food products that are of personal consumption size to students.
1 Auxiliary has a letter stating that they can sell large bags of chips, 2 liter of soda etc.
Most Auxiliaries set a limit of how many items may be bought at any one time (ex. 4 bottles of water)
Some Auxiliaries set a per day point limit

3) Q: Rollover between semesters of unused declining balances.
A: Only Delhi rolls over

4) Q: 1099’s Who do you send to.
A: Attorneys, Auditors and any one paid for personal services.
Some Auxiliaries ask for W-9’s from all vendors

5) Q: Sales Tax Audit
A: Geneseo’s audit went well. We did not owe any taxes. It is very important to keep copies of all the documents attached to your monthly
sales tax reports.

6) Q: Sales tax information from the Oct Sasa meeting regarding meal plans.
A: Randy is going to resend via email. (Publication 843 pg. 23 highlights)

7) Open forum:
Discussed overhead on meal plans
Talked about Tim Horton’s on campus
Miss meal factor

8) January Meeting:
Discuss the regulations of contracting our auditing firms (if you have an RFP and would be willing to share, please bring a copy)
Out sourcing our debit accounts ( US Bank has a program)
Possibly having a speaker phone available for our controllers breakout sessions for non attendees to call in to.