February 2013

Conference Call Meeting 2/14/13 for Controllers Group
In Attendance: Ralph Eisenmann (Brockport), Donna Bardeen and Pam Connor, (Geneseo), Noreen Bouchard (Potsdam), Lisa Nolan and Chrissy Gardner, (Morrisville), Rose Cook (Alfred), Kristen Baxter (Delhi), JonElle Baskin-Kelley (Cortland), Arthur Angst (Old Westbury), Peggy Colf, (Erie Community College)

1) SUNY Agency Guidelines (use Auxiliary Tax Exempt status)

We found differences between universities on how they handle this. Ralph E. is going to research further.

2) Us Bank Contour Card ( Update from meeting with Geneseo and Brockport)
At the present time not what Brockport was looking for. Need to have the colleges buy in for financial aid refunds etc. The Higher one card might be an option.
3) Records Management Policy and Procedures (who has one and how it’s being used)
Gave JonElle some suggestions
4) Minimum wage increase
Discussion on how we are handling this, in this year’s budget process. Some increased their wages and others will just make a notation if an increase is approved. May have to reduce staff.

Other Items discussed:
1) Cortland’s merchant number being compromised through their Shop 24
2) Scanning of documents ( Brockport uses Cabinet NG )
3) Class action for Master Card/Visa related to fees