October 2013

SASA Food Service Group Meeting

October 17-18, 2013

Commissary Discussion:

Why and How?

  • Discussed how each auxiliary divides up work from commissary
    • Couple campuses produce their Grab n Go options from area
    • Half use it as mainly a bakery
  • Benefits:
    • Consistency (packaging / labeling)
    • Labor Containment
    • All costs are transferred out
    • Freshness d/t number of deliveries

Training Programs / Best Practice Ideas

Culinary Training:

  • CIA Classes
  • Consulting Chefs
  • Meet with Corporate Chefs or Research Chefs from Brokers
  • Research Development Center
    • Rich’s Training School (starting back-up)
    • Infusion
    • Barilla
    • Internal Training
      • Give ownership with menu ideas
      • Recipe Development

Customer Service Programs:

  • YES Program
    • Decision Making / Empowerment
    • “Power” for naming menu items
    • Customer Service Specialist Program
      • Developing at Brockport
      • “Caught in the Act of Caring”
      • “Pickle” video
        • After 10 plastic pickles you receive a gold pickle
        • Cookie Cake for birthday to share with unit plus employee chooses either a pizza or cake to take home
        • Birthday cakes for student employees
        • Student Culinary Council
          • Developing by Binghamton University

**University of Buffalo shared many aspects of their culinary and manager training program:

  • Each unit has a certified union trainer present (they are given and increase in pay)
  • Manager 3-6 week training program – team effort departments included
    • 20 projects to complete
      • Cooler Organization
      • Inventory
      • Food Cost Knowledge
      • Invoicing
  • Learned through a training store
  • Culinary training with lead cooks/supervisors/production leads
  • Student trainers at each location – receive a raise if able to train at least 3 stations

**UB has been asked to present a more in-depth overview of their training program to SASA in January.

Shared Services:

  • Training – utilize other members of SASA group to give training sessions
    • Create a “sharepoint network” or “google document” are to place training materials for all to use
      • Morrisville suggests to use Google documents – easier than sharepoint network
      • Geneseo will develop a one page document to understand Google Drive and Google Documents
  • Email Cortland (Bill McNamara) list of training programs each school would be willing to share and or teach
    • An outline / training notes / intended goals
    • List Serve
      • Under utilize
      • Good option for general questions