October 2011

SASA Human Resources Group

Syracuse, NY   October 27 & 28, 2011

Attended by:  Michele Brackin, Rhonda Lander, LaRae Taylor, Michelle Kowalski, Terri Helwig, Gloria Arno, Jennifer Stowell, Rachel Enders, Bev Ludke, Sherry Wagner, Catherine Brown, Kelly Stephens, Kim Foster, Donna Pellnat and Dave Sengstock.

Dave Sengstock opened the meeting at 1 pm on Thursday, October 27 noted that there were 10 colleges represented with 15 participants in attendance.

Everyone was reminded and encouraged to attend to the January 2012 SASA Conference being held at the Desmond Hotel in Albany on January 4-5-6.

Everyone received a copy of the SASAHR listserve tips and etiquette for posting to the listserve.

Michael Martone and Geoffrey Gerbasi from Gallagher Benefits Services provided an update on Health Care Reform that was very informative.

 Roundtable review

– Discussed NYS Medical Loss Ratio Refund and Federal Medical Loss Refund.

-Discussed difficulty recruiting Catering Manager, Executive Chef, and Assistant Food Production Manager, accounting staff

– Discussed Wellness ideas and employee morale boosters including:

Weight Watchers on campus

  • Flu Shots
  • Reimburse fitness center and personal trainer costs
  • Smoking cessation

-Discussed no fault attendance policies and recent case law changes

-Discussed no smoking policies

-Discussed union contract negotiations including process and content changes

-Exchanged Employee Handbooks and Union contracts

-anyone needing other copies should contact individual campuses.

-Discussed service providers for timekeeping, HRA and Flexible Spending, and Criminal history, back ground checks

– Discussed employee surveys including process and consultants

– Discussed various ways to get campus numbers for auxiliary staff

– Discussed on proper procedure for processing new hires

– Discussed recruitment sources – Linked In, Career builder, Craig’s List, Employee Referrals, on-campus job fairs, radio