January 2014

Meeting Notes from the January 9, 2014 SASA Card Group
First, introductions were made and a Fuzebox Meeting was setup for several attendees to join the SASA meeting remotely.

The group discussed Umar’s spreadsheet with expanded information for cells containing general system information. Members can add additional information to the cell’s contents. Christine volunteered to add information for other members.

Eric discussed the upcoming Chip and Pin requirements (~2015) for processing credit cards, noting that there will be higher transaction fees if they are not used.

Sam discussed Windows 8, there is little use by group members, version 8.1 was recommended.

Rob discussed inventory and menu management software, Cheftec and Food Service Suite are being used.

Sam discussed SharePoint, there is little use among members, Albany is using Basecamp (a similar product.)

Sharon discussed migrating from Micros 9700 to their Symphony product to assist with virtualizing the servers. Their dining vender will manage (using a VLAN.) It was noted that Symphony will not work with Transaction Vault for credit card processing.

Sharon then discussed Get Funds implementation, noting a cost saving over the JSA product, Single Sign On is possible, and that you should contact Get Support directly as opposed to utilizing CBORD technical support. Ubuff is a good example of a site using the product.

Sam discussed Cloud services in general; there is little use (so far) among members. Security was a concern and hosted servers or clustering is the most probable use in the future.

Sam discussed Shop24 Credit card problems and there was a general discussion Shop24 issues, one of which is their use of XP for the Shop24 PC.

Eric discussed log management and retention products, primarily using them for PCI compliance requirements. Desired characteristics are consolidation of logs and alerting from log entries. Products discussed were Syslog and Splunk.

Sam discussed the Microsoft Product Office365, several members are using the product and a problem of downtime was noted.

The program for next year’s meeting was discussed; PCI was a favored suggestion, along with case studies or JSA’s Atrium product.

Next, each member present discussed their upcoming projects and plans for the coming year. Different card systems vendors were also discussed.

The group then decided to continue testing Fuzebox for monthly virtual meetings online or some other similar product if required. April’s SASA meeting will be in Binghamton.