October 2013

Minutes for SASA IT/Card group meeting Oct 2013 meeting

In Attendance: Rob Klish (Morrisville, Chair), Darrin Lyons (Oneonta), Steve Kellogg (Binghamton), Wanda Jones-Agans (Delhi), Christine Waldo-Klinger (New Paltz), Stephanie Cody-Lutz (Oneonta), Nina Pleuss (Cobleskill), Dan Birnbaum (Oneonta)


We had another lengthy discussion about PCI

  • The use of firewalls
  • Darrin gave an update of what was happening at Oneonta.  They are close to implementing new Cbord readers where the encryption is supposed to be happening at the USB connected card reader to take not only the Cbord card server out of scope but the cash register client too.
  • There was also some general discussion about Blackboard, in relation to PCI as well as current and new technologies and system versions.
  • We agreed that PCI continues to be a hot topic.  We are interested in having some PCI updates at the annual meeting.  We will look into a Blackboard, Cbord and a vendor neutral update.  It was brought up that the conference general presentation times are close to booked so we might have to schedule these presentations for during our workgroup time.

ü There was a short discussion about Cbord’s recently new attendance readers.  Only a couple of campuses are using them.  One has had no problems and the other is having problems with staying connected to the network or getting reconnected if they lose communication with the Odyssey card server.

ü A few sites have tried using Micros for off-site dining with mixed results.



ü A good part of day 2 was spent setting up a lab in the meeting room for video conferencing testing.  Most workgroup members brought a device with them to try including laptops, IPhones of various models and OS versions, a netbook, and an Android phone.  We tested a free product called Fuzebox.  It worked quite well on almost all devices with a few small technical difficulties.  We were able to create a multiple person video conference and swap between presenters to share our screens.  We have scheduled a follow up test outside of the meeting on 11/6.  The group in attendance was invited to help work out an other technical issues then a follow up meeting will be schedule 2 weeks later to invite the whole IT list with the hopes of having a video conference meeting monthly, when a regular SASA meeting isn’t scheduled.

ü The rest of the time we quickly went around the room and each campus gave an update of new technologies on their respective campuses.