April 2012

SASA Spring Meeting: Marketing Group at SUNY Geneseo
April 18 – 19, 2012
Wednesday afternoon attendance:
Abby Lee, Potsdam; Becky Stewart, Geneseo; Susanne Hartke, Geneseo; Cynthia Calutti, Albany; Kelly Shimkus, Oneonta; Leslie Craigmyle, Oneonta; Sandy Dennison, Alfred; Jennifer Price, Binghamton; Christina Viafore, Delhi

We determined that today we would discuss Sustainability, Surveys and New Technology. Tomorrow we will concentrate on round table discussion

Leslie (Oneonta) mentioned that she had met Deb Howard, new SUNY Sustainability Coordinator. Ms. Howard is interested in meeting with SASA and perhaps attending our fall meeting. Oneonta uses Purdy & Sons (Sherbourne, NY) as well as Behlog (Binghamton) for local meats, fruits and vegetables.
Deb Howard   Deborah.howard@suny.edu
518-320-1489 (t)
518-320-1542 (f)
State University Plaza
Albany, NY 12246

Assistant: Hannah Morgan  Hannah.Morgan@suny.edu

Cynthia (Albany) spoke about Albany’s reverse can/bottle vending machine. After installing one machine, the demand was so high that a second machine was needed. Cans or bottles are deposited, the machine prints a receipt and the refunds are dispersed through the cashiers. Geneseo has looked into this as well. Christina (Delhi) works directly with Coca Cola. Students needing community service hours, sort all Coke products out. Coca Cola pays 8.5 cents a can; so far Delhi has earned $1500 which is being used for their new campus garden.

Becky (Geneseo) has been investigating different composting systems. CAS is strongly considering a BioPod/Black Soldier Fly system. See: http://blacksoldierflyblog.com/.

Albany has recently conducted a qualitative survey which was developed by the auxiliary’s student assistants. Their main discovery was that students want dining’s focus to be on the food, not necessarily events or other extras. Albany is using focus groups and has developed a comment data base which uses open source software for the analytics.

Binghamton has implemented a text message comment system and Oneonta is about to become a test campus for DText.

Several schools participated in the recent NACUFS survey.

Becky mentioned the WorldApp Key Survey tool, mentioning that the functionality and analytics of the program were great. http://www.keysurvey.com/

We discussed new programs and apps including Prezi, Aurasma, Pinterest, and Fooducate. We will finish the discussion on Thursday.


Thursday morning attendees:

Abby Lee, Potsdam; Becky Stewart, Geneseo; Susanne Hartke, Geneseo; Kelly Shimkus, Oneonta; Leslie Craigmyle, Oneonta Jennifer Price, Binghamton; Christina Viafore, Delhi; Anna Hintz, Brockport, Kelly Budine, Brockport

We discussed upcoming, dying and never really took off social media platforms including Memes, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagrams. Several people mentioned that Facebook is making way for Tumblr and Twitter for younger people.

Brockport is in the final stages of an RFP process for a new website. They intend to have a fully functional mobile website as well as a regular site.


Binghamton is about to begin renovations of the Food Court and Susquehanna Room. They have initiated a text feedback system.
Potsdam has opened their first franchise, a Tim Horton’s, which is doing very well. The venue is open from 7:30 – 3:30 daily. A café will be built in the new Performing Arts Center, scheduled for opening in 2015. Abby will be redoing the orientation presentation.
Kelly at Brockport ran a Squirrel Photo Contest on Facebook which was very popular. She used the Question Tab, rather than asking people to “like” the photos. Brockport has adopted new branding, used on all flyers and publications. Their new tag line is “Serving you best by knowing you first.” They started a UMug Club this year. The Mug was given away through Campus Development and BASC sold unlimited refills for 4 weeks. The Brockport Residential Dining Program is being tweaked. New locations include the Fusion Grill and the Dash Market. Brockport has unfortunately been victimized by credit card fraud which looks like it happened through the credit card processing agent.
Geneseo has just opened the Fusion Market which has been tremendously successful. Scheduled tastings were held during the week before spring break, working as the soft opening. The Fusion Market will remain open through the summer. Upcoming renovation projects include a gut renovation of Letchworth and Red Jacket. Becky has found that people are not generally responsive to Twitter. Geneseo currently has three retail dining plans. They are currently developing a new “Gold Club” which will incentivize their plan that is one higher than the mandatory plan for returning student. It will include special promotions for added value. A successful Mystery Envelope Promotion was held this semester at the Big Tree Inn. Diners received a sealed envelope with a mystery prize. The envelope could not be opened until the patron returned to the Inn. Prizes included a Kindle, dollars off your meal a spa package tickets to Geva and a free night’s lodging at the Big Tree. Becky has created a mail merge in InDesign (!) and is conducting a direct mail campaign geared towards faculty and staff.
Kelly from Oneonta talked about encouraging Healthy Eating as well as voluntary (commuter meal plans). She mentioned that moving a kiosk at one of her accounts resulted in increasing sales by $100,000. She is working with a campus dietitian at Oneonta on a food volumetrics campaign. Oneonta will be featuring a sustainability dinner this evening (April 19) with local and sustainably harvested food items. Other Oneonta happenings include the renovation of Fitzelle Hall which will feature a small retail operation serving local, organic, seasonable food. The new Shop 24 has been very successful. Students are happy with the resident dining meal plan. Damascene, the textbook store, will offer rentals for the first time this fall.
Delhi is renovating a hall and CADI will be adding a new café there. Christina mentioned that after investigating digital signage, it looks like Delhi will be going with CISCO’s system as SUNY Delhi is already a CISCO customer. The Café on the Green (at the Delhi Golf Course) has opened for the season. Guest meals have been added back to the meal plans. Those on the 19 meal plan have 5 guest passes, 14 meal plans have 2 guest passes and 10 meal plans do not have guest passes. A new commuter meal plan, offering 5 meals a week is in the works. Christina has submitted an EPA grant in order to hire an assessment company to determine Delhi’s sustainability baseline. CADI offers a discount travel mug program. SUNY Delhi will be celebrating 100 years, and CADI will join in the celebrations. More healthy options are being offered. Christina uses Facebook.
Christina has started a Google Doc with contact information if people will be so kind as to add theirs.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15.


Respectfully submitted by Leslie Craigmyle