October 2014

SASA Marketing Group meeting

October 2014

Present: Dan Kilkelly (SUNY Purchase), Dana Willbanks (SUNY Jefferson), Abby Lee (SUNY Potsdam), Ray Kohl (University of Buffalo), Leslie Craigmyle (SUNY Oneonta)

Ray opened the meeting with introductions and started us off with a roundtable discussion.

University of Buffalo –  Campus Dining and Shops

  • Big Blue, a new food truck was launched in August. The mobile kitchen splits its time between the two campuses. It serves unique grilled cheeses, gourmet mac & cheese, and specialty Asian salads. The venue is able to accept cash, credit, dining dollars and campus cash. http://myubcard.com/dining/foodtruck
  • Residential Dining Hall was redesigned while keeping a Mexican food concept. Guac & Roll serves more authentic Mexican and has been successful
  • CDS maintains a 20×20 campus garden with the help of a fraternity. The garden provides herbs for use in Big Blue and some of the dining operations. CDS sent several of the students of the UMass Sustainability Conference.
  • CDS has had 1100 unique downloads of their Mobile ID app. It has boosted vending sales (vending is self op). Eventually the app will be able to be used at the registers.
  • The myubcard.com website has been redesigned to be responsive and is geared towards smart phones. (check it out if you haven’t seen it). The MyUBCard.com website was redesigned by their web team using Drupal.
  • Ray has been chosen as one of 27 people in the US to attend the NACUFS Marketing Institute in Atlanta, GA this December. UB will be hosting NACUFS on March 16-20, 2016.
  • UB has had success with loading selfies at sendusyourselfie.com.

 SUNY Potsdam – PACES

  • Students are uploading selfies through their My SUNY Card page.
  • Transitions are in the works following the retirement of George Arnold and the hiring of a new dining director. The main kitchen was out of service for six weeks this fall.
  • Abby is working on a social media policy and has started working with focus groups.
  • A Performing Arts Center, the first new building in 50 years has been completed at Potsdam. PACES opened Becky’s Places with 50 seats.
  • Recruiting at Potsdam has changed its focus from North County to inner-city.

 SUNY Purchase – Purchase College Association

  • PCA is currently working on a dining RFP with Envision Consulting Group.
  • Survey has been implemented using dining dollars (5 $100 prizes) as incentives. They are advertising it through table tents and physical presence.
  • Voluntary meal plans are down.
  • PCA was switched to Banner over the summer, they are working through issues.
  • Dan is working with journalism and social media students to revamp PCA’s current social media strategy.
  • Dan is wondering about an application or tool that can do a spider search, or comb websites for duplicated or outdated information and spelling errors. In addition, the tool would analyze a page’s meta-tags and evaluate dead links. All of this applies to general SEO practices but he doesn’t know of a great tool that can do this effectively. The goal is to create a more stream lined web presence that can guide users to the correct information quickly.

 SUNY Jefferson – Faculty Student Association

  • Dana Willbanks started at FSA in August 2013.
  • FSA operates an NAYUC certified daycare for 21 mos – 5 years.
  • A Corner Café was opened in the bookstore.
  • FSA is self-op for vending and concessions with student workers.
  • Courtyard Café is the dining venue on campus
  • Jefferson’s first res hall was built this year by FSA. 294 students currently reside on campus.
  • Dana shared a number of campaigns she has created – Active Appetites, “All you can eat doesn’t mean all in one go.”
  • Campus bookstore is about to be rehabbed.
  • FSA has just adopted GET.

 SUNY Oneonta – Oneonta Auxiliary Services

  • OAS/Sodexo opened Seasons this fall. It is the second Sodexo venue in the nation with a local, organic, seasonal menu. Venue has proven popular and Starbucks sales remain constant.
  • OAS is working with Residence Life on a marketing campaign to ensure that beds are filled to capacity.
  • New dining concept in Mills, Oodles, has been very successful.

 Day Two

We were joined by Anna Hintz (Brockport), Kelly Bodine (Brockport), and Christina Viafore (Delhi) via conference call.

  • Since Cobleskill did not join us, we tabled the Shop 24 discussion, after describing the concept.
  • Deb Howard spoke with Ray. She appreciated the SUNY Sustainability slide show that Ray created. If people have changes or would like to add material, for now send it to Leslie. She is investigating the possibility of setting something up so that information could be easily changed as needed. Stay tuned.
  • Pride of NY appears to be disappearing. They are no longer supporting with posters, banners, etc. Taste of NY appears to taking the place of Pride of NY. Unfortunately, it is a more alcohol centric website, so might not be suitable for collegiate audiences.
  • We discussed national organizations we belong to including: NACUFS, NACAS, NACS, American Marketing Association, etc.
  • Prize incentives for students vary from school to school. Purchase and Jefferson have been finding that smaller dining prizes work. Others mentioned include iPad minis, Dr. Dre’s Beat Pill, etc.
  • One topic that interested many of us for the Annual Meeting is trends.
  • Christina described Delhi’s orientation event which led people to sample items in the different dining halls. The event went well.
  • Kelly mentioned that the Brockport Union has a new face with a soft rehab of their dining venue, now known as The Square at the Union. The theme rotates weekly. Other venues include Pizzaz which serves homemade flatbread and Sprouts which serves hand tossed salads. A Subway franchise will be opening at Brockport.
  • Dan mentioned one of the interesting concepts he had seen at the Montreal NACAS meeting- electronic/dynamic pricing of textbooks.
  • We furthered discussed how we relate to students and the social media methods we use or monitor.
  • Rob has added Dan and Dana to the SASA listserv.

Respectfully submitted by

Leslie Craigmyle